R&D Focus

Robotic Arms with Vision Sensor and Inertial Measurement Unit

Integrated with the vision sensor and inertial measurement unit, this system can hold the ice cream cup with one of its robotic arms, while pressing the ice cream into the cup with the other. Moreover, it can locate the guests and serve them after preparing the ice cream. Jon S. Hsu, Executive Director of ITRI's Southern Region Campus, indicates that this equipment is a smart combination of conventional robotic arms and the sensor-fusion module which contains the image recognition and inertial measurement unit developed by ITRI.

The image recognition is just like the human eye. It can capture images in real-time by a camera module for tracking the positions of the robotic arms and targets. The inertial measurement unit, widely used in cell phones and other mobile devices, can quickly calculate the relative positions of the robotic arms.

With the image recognition and inertial measurement unit, this sensor-fusion module can reach a 3D motion estimation precision of ± 0.2 mm, and increase the sampling frequency from 30 Hz to 120 Hz, which is twice as accurate at a speed four times quicker, compared with the precision of common robots.

With ITRI's sensor-fusion module, the motion of conventional robotic arms can be estimated and tracked precisely. It is not only capable of identifying objects of various shapes but also suitable for the assembling process of multi-automated production lines. Therefore, it can greatly reduce the cost of automation, significantly increasing production efficiency.