R&D Focus

Plasmon-Coupled Organic Light-Emitting Diode (PCOLED)

OLED is a technology which researchers are seeking to make commercially viable, as its planar light source makes it gentler on the eyes. However, OLED is hampered by a weak blue light due to the shorter life span of the organic blue phosphorescent material than the green and red counterpart. PCOLED solves the blue light problem by improving power efficiency and increasing display lifetime through using a single green light-emitting material to generate red, blue, and green light without the use of color filters.

PCOLED Light Panel

Conventional OLED structure focuses on reducing thermal energy loss by suppressing surface plasmon. PCOLED reverses the idea by amplifying the plasmon into visible light with a double-metal-layer (DML) structure. This allows the two surface plasmons to be coupled to produce a light of the desired wavelength. Furthermore, with proper DML design, green material can be shifted to emit blue light and red light, overcoming the shortfall of conventional unstable OLED blue materials. This allows for the blue component to have the same life span as the green component, greatly extending the life, enabling commercially viable OLED.

traditional white OLED & PCOLED

In comparison with traditional hybrid white light OLED technology, PCOLED’s DML structure generates blue light directly from the original green component and increases the service life of the lighting device by 27 times.

Compared to existing OLED technologies, PCOLED offers many improvements. By solving the blue light life span problem, it can increase the life of OLED displays and lamps to up to 300,000 hours, or by up to 27-fold. PCOLED can also recover partial energy lost to surface plasmon, effectively tripling the efficiency of blue emission. In addition, switching light-emitting materials to just one not only saves on material cost, reducing it to as low as 1.0-2.4% of existing hybrid OLED devices with blue fluorescent materials, it also allows for a more integrated and simplified manufacturing process.

PCOLED’s blue-shifting technology

PCOLED’s blue-shifting technology has been implemented in an existing production line to produce a passive matrix OLED display.

PCOLED meets all the requirements of researchers for achieving good color rendering index, high energy efficiency, and low cost in order to create commercially viable OLED lighting products. Most importantly, it can contribute significantly towards carbon reduction, leading to a more sustainable world. With successful pilot productions and a high compatibility with existing OLED manufacturing process, it is a technology which will revolutionize the OLED industry.