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Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting

The conventional equipment firefighters carry exceeds 30 kg, making it difficult to hold lighting gear which may also have insufficient battery life. This puts firefighters in danger when entering a fire site. The ITRI-developed Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting solves this issue by providing high-illumination LED light driven by micro-hydropower, which is a great help in illuminating scenes and indicating evacuation routes in the dark to protect firefighters and save lives.

The Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting couples an innovative water turbine micro-generator with LED light engines to form two unique devices: the Fluid-Driven Nozzle Light (FDNL) and the Fluid-Driven Sprinkler Light (FDSL). FDNL is mounted on fire-fighting nozzles while FDSL is mounted on sprinkler heads in order to provide illumination without extrinsic electricity.

Fluid-Driven Nozzle Light (FDNL)

Fluid-Driven Nozzle Light (FDNL)

Fluid-Driven Sprinkler Light (FDSL)

Fluid-Driven Sprinkler Light (FDSL)

This technology works by generating electricity to power the light when water flows through the turbine blade within the micro-generator. An innovative floating rotor in the turbine generator assures the functional reliability of the fire-fighting nozzles and sprinklers. It enables an external magnet-coil pair configuration, making the device thinner and lighter. Moreover, the hollow ring-type design allows debris to pass through easily, increasing its reliability when there are broken blades or muddy water. Water acts as the lubricant since a self-lubricating seal is formed when all rotating parts and contact surfaces are immersed in water. Furthermore, water pressure from both sides of the ring along with its centrifugal force helps maintain the rotor balance.

Compared to conventional lighting equipment, ITRI’s FDNL is superior, as it is highly reliable and maintenance free as long as there is water running. One minute of water flow can provide three minutes of lighting, with no need for maintenance-critical batteries. Moreover, lighting still works for at least an hour without water running. Its high illumination complements emergency lighting and sprinkler systems, shining brightly in an otherwise opaque smoke, making the evacuation route much easier to see.

Product ITRI FDNL Helmet-mount flashlight Hand-held flashlight Chest-hung flashlight
Brand ITRI A B C
Lighting brightness (cd) 25,000-75,000 5,828 26,352 12,000
Operation time (hr) Unlimited (with running water); 1 hr (when water stops) 4.5 4.5 15
Weight (g) 874 220 1,400 508
cd/g 28.6-85.8 26.5 18.8 23
Ease of operation during rescue missions Excellent Excellent Poor (One cannot hold the fire nozzle and the light at the same time) Not good (The light will sway with body movement)

Comparison between ITRI’s Fluid-Driven Nozzle Light and conventional lighting equipment.

This technology has earned world-wide recognition with patents granted from 23 countries. The FDNL has been field tested by many fire-fighting squads in Taiwan and has actually saved many lives in rescue missions because now firefighters can see better and move faster in their courageous maneuvers.