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Smart Clothing Integrates Health and Maximum Comfort

Video of iSmartweaR.

ITRI’s unique clothing, iSmartweaR, incorporates washable technology and breaks the mold of traditionally uncomfortable smart clothing that has poor heat dissipation, poor durability and lower sensor sensitivity.

ITRI’s iSmartwear, designed for both comfort and health.

ITRI’s iSmartweaR, designed for both comfort and health.

The main features of iSmartweaR include comfort, integrated transmission of information through radio transmission, communications with mobile phones and tablets (Bluetooth 4.0), and real-time data transmission and analysis. It measures physiological signals such as heartbeat and respiratory rate for monitoring the user’s physical activity, sleep quality and emotional state. It can also provide fatigue warnings and information for blood pressure regulation. Its applications cover general consumer personal health management as well as professional and emergency medical care.

iSmartweaR incorporates a nanosecond pulsed near-field sensing (NPNS) technology with low power radar. It measures the wearer’s pulse and transmits the pulse signals with amplitudes to detect heartbeats and other physiological signals. NPNS is not only low-cost but also small in size, has high sensitivity, high selectivity, high reliability, low power consumption, and can be integrated with various ICT systems. Moreover, NPNS sensing modules are more comfortable because the wearer does not feel restricted or pressured by the clothing.

ITRI has currently patented the unique combination of NPNS technology with washable adhesive characteristics, which will be able to replace existing smart clothing using ECG signal sensing measurement information, solving current uncomfortable, hard, and tight conditions.

Conventional smart clothing uses conductive fibers or rubber as sensing electrodes. Cardiac electrical sensing modules require at least two or more electrodes to contact the skin for capturing the heart’s electrophysiological signals. Such a limitation cannot compare to the non-contact comfort that ITRI’s iSmartweaR now offers. ITRI’s smart clothing technology uses a single antenna radar sensing design that can simultaneously detect human heartbeats, breathing rates, and other activity levels all without causing any discomfort for the user. Utilizing low-power microwave technology, iSmartweaR does not have direct contact with the skin, thus causing no direct pressure on the wearer’s body.

iSmartweaR is significant and widely applicable. It can help to prevent sudden death in infants by tracking their physiological parameters. It also analyzes the user’s average health data and warns of abnormal fatigue levels. iSmartweaR can be used in sports training for individuals, long-term data analysis for senior citizen healthcare, and health monitoring for professionals such as police and firefighters. Therefore, not only is it practical for the general consumer but also for individuals in various professional fields.