ITRI Teams up with Industry for TAIROS 2017

Dr. Jwu-Sheng Hu, General Director of ITRI's Mechanical & Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories, demonstrated the Mobile Arm Robot to R.O.C. Vice President Chien-Jen Chen.

Dr. Jwu-Sheng Hu, General Director of ITRI’s Mechanical & Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories, demonstrated the Mobile Arm Robot to R.O.C. Vice President Chien-Jen Chen.

Smart Joint Module. Absolute Accuracy Calibration for Robot Manipulator. AGV Dispatch System on Grid Map.

ITRI together with nine major manufacturers demonstrated 11 critical robotic technologies in Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show (TAIROS) at ITRI’s Pavilion. The rapid response that addresses the needs and demand from industry can accelerate the diffusion, applications, and commercialization of the R&D achievements.

Dr. Jwu-Sheng Hu, General Director of ITRI’s Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories, stated that in the era of Industry 4.0, Big Data, and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), Taiwan’s manufacturers are required to adopt a strategy that value is first created, then followed by technology development, in order to secure their leading positions in the global market. Innovative but feasible business models should be identified based on service requirements from clients (end-users or companies), industry’s own strength/weakness, and challenges/obstacles facing them. Dr. Hu added that ITRI actively builds links with industries and assists companies to enhance their core technical competence, helping remove the bottlenecks of production lines.

Mobile Arm Robot

ITRI’s Mobile Arm Robot is a smart platform that combines various capabilities of mobility, perception, manipulation, and human-robot interaction for specific goals. It is composed of a multi-DoF arm and a gripper, with a working range of 700 mm and a payload of 3 kg. Its lift torso range reaches 1400 mm and maximum linear speed is 60 cm/s. Navigation and obstacle avoidance is enabled with Lidar. The Mobile Arm Robot is suitable for indoor operations, for example, environment exploration, indoor construction of the building, goods picking and shipping in warehouses, and greenhouse harvesting. Users can tele-manipulate it via Wi-Fi or mobile telecommunication network.

AGV Dispatch System on Grid Map

(Partnering with Rong Shin Industrial Co.)

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems are widely adopted in material handling automation systems for logistics or manufacturing industries. However, one of the challenges for multiple AGV vehicles is the deadlock problem. ITRI developed an AGV Dispatch System on Grid Map to resolve this issue. The location information of AGVs can be sent immediately to the management system via wireless transmission, and the path, speed, and duration of stops can be accordingly determined in real-time. With this system, small-sized AGVs can have bi-directional mobility and are suitable for operation in limited space.

Smart Joint Module and Its Applications

(Partnering with Aurotek Corporation)

Along with the growth in the trend of human-machine collaboration in manufacturing, how to make collaborative robots compact and easy to operate has become a challenge. Unlike conventional robotic arms equipped with a bulky control box, modularized robot joints, roughly the size of a lunchbox, integrate the motor, reducer, controller and absolute/incremental encoder. According to different robot application requirements, robot joints can be combined and configured with a variety of arms fitting in an assembly line. In addition to industrial applications, the smart joint module can also satisfy the needs for robot coaching, DIY robot assembly, robotic arm technique validation, and distributed control systems.

Absolute Accuracy Calibration for Robot Manipulator

(Partnering with Evermore Machine)

Traditional 6-DoF robots have not been widely applied in aerospace industry mainly because of the constraint of the absolute accuracy of robot manipulators. Structural deflection caused by the loading and the reaction force makes the overall accuracy exceed ±0.25 mm, which does not meet the accuracy requirement in aerospace industry. To compensate for the accuracy error caused by assembly or abrasion wear, ITRI and Evermore Machine developed Absolute Accuracy Calibration Technology for robot manipulators. With ITRI’s eMIO, the core technology of robot controller, the positioning error of low payload robots can be reduced to less than ±0.25 mm, improving their accuracy by 20 times and meeting aerospace specifications.