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SuperSizer Transferred to ITRI Startup Innovative Nanotech

ITRI's SuperSizer technology was transferred to Innovative Nanotech.

ITRI’s SuperSizer technology was transferred to Innovative Nanotech.

ITRI’s nanoparticle monitoring technology SuperSizer was transferred to its startup Innovative Nanotech in November 2017. ITRI will serve as an important shareholder of Innovative Nanotech, and Chroma ATE Inc., a world-leading supplier of precision test and automation solutions, will be the major sponsor. With close trilateral collaboration, Innovative Nanotech is expected to provide its cutting-edge, highly-competitive testing and inspection service for the semiconductor industry, enhancing the quality and yield for the manufacturing process.

ITRI President Dr. Jonq-Min Liu stressed that SuperSizer, developed by ITRI, was nominated as an R&D 100 Award finalist in 2015 and has been successfully adopted by lead users in the semiconductor sector, a substantial achievement in technology industrialization. He expected that with ITRI’s licensing of SuperSizer and Chroma ATE Inc.’s support, Innovative Nanotech can become a top-notch company offering front-end process testing solutions.

SuperSizer is an in-line particle monitoring system that can help improve the yield rate for semiconductor production.

SuperSizer is an in-line particle monitoring system that can help improve the yield rate for semiconductor production.

Dr. Tzeng-Yow Lin, General Director of ITRI’s Center for Measurement Standards, commented that SuperSizer plays an important role in providing accurate visualized data, which are valuable assets in the era of Big Data and smart manufacturing. Mr. Leo Huang, Chairman and CEO of Chroma ATE Inc., remarked that SuperSizer is a leading technology that can significantly improve the yield rate of production. With its precise, reliable, and unique features, he believes that Innovative Nanotech can provide world-class solutions in particle monitoring, elevating the global competitiveness of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.

Dr. Hsin-Chia Ho, CTO of Innovative Nanotech.

Dr. Hsin-Chia Ho, CTO of Innovative Nanotech.

Dr. Hsin-Chia Ho, the main developer of SuperSizer and CTO of Innovative Nanotech, talked about the prospect of SuperSizer in the interview below.

Q: SuperSizer was named an R&D 100 Awards finalist in 2015. What progress has it made during these years?

Dr. Ho: These years, we have been striving to enhance the robustness of the system in order to meet the industry’s demand for high reliability.

Q: What impacts do you see SuperSizer will have during the trend of digital transformation?

Dr. Ho: Our products provide testing results during the inspection process. And we expect the statistics of these data can be utilized in industry 4.0 applications, delivering feedback to manufacturers so that they can take necessary measures in real time to improve the manufacturing process and for the upstream suppliers to enhance the quality of solutions. This will significantly increase their yield rate, which matters most in semiconductor production.

Q: What is the marketing plan of SuperSizer?

Dr. Ho: We aim to stand firmly among Taiwan’s market in the first place and approach the global market in the near future. Our target customers include semiconductor fabs.

Q: Will technological cooperation continue between Innovative Nanotech and ITRI?

Dr. Ho: Definitely. I was from ITRI, and SuperSizer was born here. We will have intensive R&D collaboration, and I am looking forward to seeing more of ITRI’s technology enter the industrial chain and the real market.

Q: Is there anything you want to mention about the cooperation with Chroma ATE Inc.?

Dr. Ho: We are lucky to have Chroma ATE Inc.’s support, so we can eliminate the worry about initial fund-raising, which troubles many startups, and focus more on R&D instead. Chroma ATE Inc. is a large enterprise and has substantial sales and marketing channels that can assist us. I believe Innovative Nanotech will have a bright future on monetization.

Q: Could you please illustrate the development blueprint of SuperSizer?

Dr. Ho: Currently, SuperSizer can only be used in liquid monitoring; however, there are different types of materials used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, all of which require necessary detectors to lower the defect rate. We are hoping to develop techniques for monitoring molecular particles of gas-particle pollution and chemical composition of liquid particles in the next stage. The aim is to apply this new generation nanoparticle monitoring system to electronics, optoelectronics, and biomedical fields in the near future.

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SuperSizer measures nanoparticles the size and concentration of nanoparticles in solutions in the form of aerosols to avoid the bubbles issue, which may lead to errors for determining size distributions and concentrations. This in-line particle monitoring system offers many advantages in comparison to conventional particle monitoring systems using optical methods. For instance, the measurement range of the SuperSizer system can cover particle sizes from 5 nm to 1,000 nm, which is significantly better than currently available monitoring or inspection tools, whose measurement range can only reach 40 nm. Click here to learn more about SuperSizer.