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One-Step Autologous Cartilage Repair System

The One-Step Autologous Cartilage Repair System requires only a single surgery and effectively facilitates autologous knee cartilage repair.

The One-Step Autologous Cartilage Repair System requires only a single surgery and effectively facilitates autologous knee cartilage repair.

As exercise gains more popularity and the society continues to age, the number of people suffering from degenerative arthritis and sports-related joint injuries has been increasing. The global orthopedic medical devices market has also seen a sustained growth. In light of this, ITRI and BioGend jointly unveiled the One-Step Autologous Cartilage Repair System RevoCart®. This is the first regenerative medical product developed domestically in Taiwan, and it obtained TFDA approval in April, 2020. With one-step minimally invasive procedure, this innovative technology has assisted many patients in successful autologous knee cartilage repair.

How was RevoCart® developed?

The One-Step Autologous Cartilage Repair System was developed based on the Biphasic Cartilage Repair Implant (BiCRI) technology, a collaborative result produced by ITRI and National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) years ago. The technology was then transferred to Exactech Taiwan, which was later acquired by BioGend. Based on this technology, BioGend created the One-Step Autologous Cartilage Repair System RevoCart®.

How does the system work exactly?

RevoCart® consists of an innovative cartilage repair procedure. First, a small piece is harvested from the patient’s own healthy, non-weight bearing cartilage tissue and minced into small particles. Then an enzyme is added to treat the matrix around the cell and the combination is placed inside a degradable biological scaffold to create a biphasic implant that is inserted at the lesion site. The scaffold will degrade and be absorbed once the autograft cartilage grows outward. The procedure is illustrated in the following figure.

The RevoCart® procedure.

The RevoCart® procedure.

Benefits and Applications

RevoCart® helps osteochondral tissues to heal and is thus suitable for the repair of chondral or osteochondral defects in the medial and lateral femoral epicondyles of the knee joint and femoral trochlea. The technology can avoid the issues caused by autologous cartilage regeneration repair techniques, such as infection and pain at the harvest site that will lead to longer recovery periods. It can also address the problem of insufficient bone volume. What’s better, RevoCart® requires only a single minimally invasive surgery that takes about one hour and eliminates the need for in vitro cell cultures. This significantly saves valuable healthcare resources and reduces hospitalization costs while reducing pain for patients.

A Milestone for Knee Cartilage Surgical Technology

The development of new drugs and medical devices requires enormous amounts of resources and lengthy clinical trials. RevoCart® has completed clinical trials in Taiwan and obtained TFDA approval, setting a milestone for knee cartilage surgical technologies in Taiwan. It is the perseverance and tenacity of ITRI and BioGend in orthopedic medical devices research that allows the world to witness the culmination of this commercialized multidisciplinary effort.

BioGend Chairman Te-Li Chen indicated that BioGend designs detailed preoperative evaluation and postoperative rehabilitation programs for its patients, collects data with mobile phone apps, and tracks postoperative consultation and care to create a one-stop comprehensive care service. The company is expected to list in the Taipei Exchange at the end of 2020 and looks forward to future collaborations with ITRI to create more regenerative medicine products for the benefit of patients everywhere.