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CES 2022 Review: A Hybrid Exhibition Experience

Best moments and scenes of ITRI at CES 2022.

Best moments and scenes of ITRI at CES 2022.

The world’s largest tech trade show CES 2022 has finished its exhibition, with more than 2,300 exhibitors participating at the event. This year, ITRI took a dual approach to create a “physical x virtual” exhibition experience, hosting both a physical booth in Las Vegas and a digital pavilion, allowing visitors from around the world to explore innovations wherever they are.

ITRI’s innovations at the physical exhibition caught the attention of many visitors with several interactive experiences, such as PoseFit and the Interactive Time Machine, while ITRI staff in Taiwan also held online video conferences with booth visitors to respond to their inquiries regarding technological design and applications.

“We are very excited to join CES 2022 in this challenging yet exuberant time. On this global stage for innovation, we exhibit 13 of ITRI’s innovations with the confluence of AI, robotics, ICT, health and other technologies to seek for international technology transfers and business collaboration opportunities,” said Dr. Sean S.H. Wang, President of ITRI International Inc., a subsidiary of ITRI based in the US. “In the exhibition hall and via online, we have been energetically engaging interactive, intelligent and productive discussions with potential partners around the world,” he added.

Brian Moon, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), noted that this year CES has so much innovation to show, including automotive, audio/video, NFT, and space techs. He was impressed by ITRI’s pandemic-related innovations in digital health and virtual entertainment such as the Interactive Time Machine, and congratulated ITRI on winning three CES Innovation Awards for its excellent technology design and engineering. “We certainly appreciate ITRI being at CES and supporting us for so many years, and it is exciting to see the exhibit space and the innovation continuing to grow,” he said.

ITRI’s exhibition this year has garnered much attention from the tech community. iPetweaR, for instance, was praised as one of “the most interesting and innovative products to watch out for at CES 2022” by the UK-based tech review site TechRadar, and named among “the top 5 cool products to be unveiled at the event” by BGR, a leading tech media outlet in India.

Learn more about ITRI’s CES 2022 innovations below: