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Be Here, Explore Further

Despite pandemic restrictions, ITRI Virtual Showroom was launched to break physical boundaries and unlock imagination. The digital exhibition offers easy access for visitors from all over the world to explore the fun and potential of technologies. Wherever you are, you can visit us online with just a few clicks and avoid the hassle of booking a flight and making an arduous trek.

The Virtual Showroom integrates reality and virtuality, creating a high-quality and user-friendly space for ITRI’s tech showcase. Visitors are able to navigate in an immersive first-person-view, 360° virtual tour to learn more about ITRI and its innovations in real life scenarios.

ITRI’s Virtual Showroom allows visitors to learn more about ITRI and its tech innovations wherever they are.

ITRI’s Virtual Showroom allows visitors to learn more about ITRI and its tech innovations wherever they are.

What can you expect from the digital venue?

  • Main Showroom
    The Main Showroom captures the physical space of ITRI’s showroom located in our headquarters and brings the best of it online. Here you can get a real sense of our exhibition hall, which showcases the milestones in ITRI’s history and technology highlights across different domains. You will have a chance to go back in time, learn about our former leaders and pivotal breakthroughs, and have a picture of ITRI’s beginnings in the 1970s and how we got here today. This area is also a perfect spot for you to discover the industrial development and transformation in Taiwan.
  • Future Mobility
    The Future Mobility section features innovations that make transportation smarter, more efficient and safer. From drones flying in the sky to everything needed in electric vehicles on the ground, the latest applications in future mobility are on display. You can find a Hybrid Power Drone with High Payload and Duration, which can spray fertilizers and pesticides for farmers or deliver rescue supplies in disaster relief. You can also view RAIBA, an intelligent reconfigurable battery system for energy storage management, and the Connected Autonomous Driving Vehicle Solution used in Taiwan’s first self-driving mid-size shuttle bus.
  • Quality Health
    In this section, you will enter a hospital setting, where you can explore innovative solutions in smart healthcare. For instance, there is the washable smart textile iSmartWear that can measure vital signs, and the skin 3D printing system EPiTRI that can quickly culture full-skin tissue for use in burn wounds. More innovations in precision regenerative medicine, diagnosis and treatment, and digital health can all be found here. The real-life scenarios reveal versatile possibilities of how technologies can improve the quality of medical service and benefit both doctors and patients.
  • Smart Living
    This section displays daily-life applications that can lead to a quality lifestyle. Visit the virtual neighborhood, and you can enjoy exploring abundant smart applications in home settings. Intelligent sensing devices and systems are ubiquitously present to take care of people, pets, and the environment. For example, there is a personal companion robot for older people living alone, and smart wearables for pet health monitoring. Other innovations include the portable UVC LED water sterilizer and energy-saving technologies for green buildings or smart homes.

ITRI’s Virtual Showroom can be found here. Come and visit to enjoy a pleasant tour and share our vision of how technology can change our life!

Notice: Change your browser language settings to view the Virtual Showroom in either English or Chinese.