ITRI’s R&D 100 Awards Winners, 2008-2012

Year Tech Image Tech Description
2012 Lignoxy, a lignin-based polymer technology to manufacture a BPA-free coating.
TEMM, a thermoelectric material and module technology.
SideLighter, a high-performance concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar panel.
aePLASMA, an atmospheric environment plasma coating technology.
Light&Light, an A19 all-plastic LED light bulb with an illumination angle of 330°.
AVA-Clamp, a clamp-on voltage and current meter technology.
2011 i2R e-Paper, a re-writable, re-usable and environmentally friendly print medium.
HyTAC, an eco-friendly new-type polarizer protective film.
2010 FlexUPD, a de-bonding layer that lets the polyimide film easily separate from the glass.
i2/3DW, a 3D display technology with integral 2D and 3D.
REDDE logo, a non-toxic fire resistant material.
2009 STOBA, a hyper-branched polymer that prevents thermal runaway of lithium batteries.
2008 On-Chip AC LED, an LED chip that runs directly on alternating current.