ITRI’s R&D 100 Awards Winners, 2013-2016

Year Tech Image Tech Description
2016 iSmartweaR, a smart clothing technology that integrates nanosecond pulse near-field sensing (NPNS) with washable conductive fabrics, allowing textile products to track vital signs without bodily contact.
Long-Distance Floating Multi-Screen Head-up Display, a technology that improves driving safety by projecting driving information directly into the driver’s field of view at a two-meter distance behind the windshield.
2WA-EXO, a wearable walking assistive exoskeleton robot that allows people with lower extremity paralysis to stand and walk independently.
URABat, an ultrafast rechargeable aluminum battery which can be fully charged in just one minute for more than 10,000 cycles.
SpeedPro, a software suite that improves the safety and productivity of machining operations through machining process simulation and optimization of tool paths.
2015 HSTS, a higher sensitivity tactile-film system for wearable orthosis that can suppress tremors and support voluntary movement at the elbow.
PCOLED, a solution using a single green light-emitting material to provide satisfactory color and service life for OLEDs.
PolyE Membrane Technology, a cost-saving reverse osmosis technology for water desalination and filtration.
Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting Technology, a hydropower technology that provides high-illumination LED lighting to enhance firefighters’ safety.
2014 HECLOT, a high-efficient calcium looping technology developed to reduce carbon emissions from fossil power plants.
iCTA, an in-line compact thermal analyzer that reduces LED testing time by more than 90 percent.
2013 iAT Technology, one of the first see-through display and air-touch input technologies for computers.
ButyFix, a cellulosic butanol production technology.
FluxMerge, a magnetic force improvement technology for electric machines.