Nine-Award Winner at 2017 R&D 100 Awards
ITRI Recognized for Tenth Consecutive Year

ITRI was honored for eight technologies at the 2017 R&D 100 Awards.

ITRI received eight 2017 R&D 100 Awards and one inaugural R&D 100 Special Recognition Award on November 17 in Orlando, Florida, marking the tenth year to win this honor. ITRI’s technologies were selected as winners for innovation in the IT/Electrical, Mechanical/Material, Process/Prototyping, and Software/Services categories, and its LCD Waste Recycling System also received an R&D 100 Special Recognition Award in Green Tech.

ITRI accepted the R&D 100 Awards at the gala in Orlando, Florida on November 17.

ITRI accepted the R&D 100 Awards at the gala in Orlando, Florida on November 17.

ITRI held a press conference in Santa Clara on November 15. ITRI Tech Showcase took place at ITRI International Inc. in San Jose. ITRI Chairman Chih-Kung Lee poses with ITRI team after the Tech Showcase. ITRI’s award-winning press conference was held in Taipei on November 20.

“When ITRI participates in the R&D 100 Awards, it makes a great impact,” said R&D Magazine Editorial Director Bea Reimschneider. “It’s important to showcase ITRI’s legacy and to let award participants understand what you do. American national labs and companies are fascinated to see how much ITRI is offering.”

“It’s the tenth year since ITRI first won the R&D 100 Awards. This year we were thrilled that we won across four different categories and that our four finalists in the Software/Service category were all awarded, which is truly a recognition of our efforts in integrating software and hardware,” said Dr. Jonq-Min Liu, President of ITRI.

Since 2008, ITRI has received 36 R&D 100 Awards for its outstanding contributions toward innovating a better future for society and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Many of ITRI’s winning technologies have been licensed and commercialized through industry partners. Other R&D 100 Awards recipients this year include Los Alamos National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Dow Chemical Company.

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